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Fresh off a kick and fine N’damukong Suh interview with ESPN airs Sunday

N’damukong Suh will take his choir boy act to ESPN this week as he sat down for a one on one interview to air during their 3-hour Sunday NFL countdown. If this were any other player in the same situation I’d be itching to watch. But I already know what Suh does when he’s interviewed. He turns into the sweetest kindest gentlest very large person you’ve ever seen. He’s softspoken, articulate, polite and all “I don’t know why people think I’m an asshole” etc. etc. 

Last season when Suh appeared on CBS’s NFL show people expected fireworks but they got nada as Suh was on his bestest behavior. Definitely tune in if you haven’t seen him do his thing on the media before.

[N'Damukong Suh will appear on Sunday's NFL Countdown]

If you’re really interested in learning about what makes Suh tick check out his GQ profile. He’s a strange bird who hasn’t left the nest. [N'damukong Suh: He Didn't Mean to Hurt You]

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