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Change Is Good — My New Twitter Account, You Tube, Podcast Etc.

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Light hair? Not anymore. Change change change change!

I’m obsessed with change.

I love newness…new people, new things, new surroundings.

No surprise that my love for newness spills over to the social web. That means I have lots of new things going on.

First of all, I am deleting my old twitter page which is now at “nflgoodwitch.” I started the account over 2 years ago because I was having surgery and needed something to do while lying in bed for 6 weeks. Since then, I amassed over 5K followers which sounds like a lot but really isn’t when you consider 84 million folks (or more??) use twitter.

I think what’s more important than quantity of followers is quality. When most of my followers started following my personal account they did so cause I was pretty irreverent and free spirited with my tweets. I’m not as much now, though I could never tone down all the way…but things have definitely changed. And now, I’d like to get a real gauge of who’s interested in my work.

I thought the best way to do that was to start my account over. If you haven’t noticed the longer twitter has been around the less amounts of followers really determine influence. Some folks are just voyeurs and other accounts are dead (not spam) and twitter hasn’t deleted them. No reason to keep a high follower account just so it looks like you’re somebody. Besides, like Jesse, I AM SOMEBODY.

I also restarted my you tube account, and I now have a podcast version of all my videos. The links are below, but you know you can always find me by clicking the social media buttons on the front page. When I get my itunes link I will update this post with that info.

Last note: the web site is being designed so that it is more simple and more fitting of me as a person. I think right now this design is a little “faceless.” So I’m excited to reframe pretty much everything.

Thanks for reading!


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