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About that time Ray Lewis was asked about PEDs while hooked to a lie detector

I know I haven’t blogged about the Superbowl yet so how dare I post about something else. However, I haven’t decided what to write about the game yet and since I have no editor or deadlines I also have no urgency! That’s the great terrible thing about owning your own blog.

This post is about a random clip of Ray Lewis I found from back when The Best Damn Sports Show Period was still on the air. Lewis was a guest they hooked to a lie detector test and asked a series of questions. No, none were related to the murder people keep bringing up over and over. I thought they asked him some good things the one most relevant today being “if you knew you wouldn’t get caught, would you use PEDs?”

I don’t want to give the clip away but he looked nervous as hell. Maybe not quite as nervous as when they asked him about Trent Dilfer, but the faces he was making were HILARIOUS given the current deer antler spray controversy.

Speaking of which, I almost ordered some on amazon. I’m not saying I don’t believe Lewis when he says he didn’t use it. I’m saying whatever Lewis is using that has him looking so fine at 37,  I’m willing to try it as long as it doesn’t affect the size of my penis.

Enjoy the clip! BTW, given how stale sports shows are right now, BDSSP looks pretty progressive in restrospect. 

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