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Guest Blog: Winniek Tries to Figure Out NFL Terms like NFC

Winniek is 23 years old and recently moved from Maryland from her home state of Georgia. She is a Falcons fan (like me!!)

It’s not that I don’t like football its just that I truly don’t understand it.  It intimidates me, especially when people start talking about numbers and using abbreviations like NFC, AFC, SEC, CIA, FBI, and the whole time I’m sitting there thinking, “What in world are you all talking about? “I thought you guys were talking about football.” Are we talking about math or government agencies?”   Another reason why I have never been really got into football is that every time I try to learn or comment I always have some man making misogynic comments and that makes me very uncomfortable.

However I figured this year I would actually learn football because if this what everybody going to be talking about for the next 5 months then I might as well learn.  If anything what I do know about football has nothing to actually do with the game it self.  I know more of the pop culture side of football. I didn’t even know who Reggie Bush  was until I found out Kim Kardashian dated him.

As a football newbie the only thing I know about is that a touch down is good and that occasionally instead of making a touch down the team will kick a field goal, which for the longest time I called a free throw.  Also, I just recently found out that those blue and yellow lines aren’t actually on the field those are computer generated.  Which is a relief for me because the first time I actually went to a professional football game I thought I was crazy because I couldn’t see those lines anywhere on the field.

I hope to learn more about football as the season continues. My goal for me is to understand what everybody is talking about and hopefully have the ability to talk a good game so the next time somebody talks about the Falcons I will able so say more than “Well at least our colors match.” 

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