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The Eagles Are Arrogant and Don’t Care If It Pisses You Off

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This may look like a huddle but really it’s a players only strategy meeting to think of new ways to tell people to suck it.

While the thirsty media and bitter fans of other teams are abuzz over Michael Vick’s relatively tame statement that the Eagles have “a CHANCE to build a dynasty” I’d like to point out something for the record that should have been clear before:

This Philadelphia Eagles team is cocky as all get out. They believe in themselves, they believe in their coaches, and they believe in each other. 

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They are immune to your tired ass “The Eagles haven’t won anything” jokes. The team doesn’t have a Super Bowl but they believe they can win one or a whole lot of them. The team has a good relationship off the field and can’t speak highly enough of one another. They’re so bonded to each another that that they do not mind notifying fans of the many places they can shove their opinions if we’re too critical of one of their teammates/besties/coaches. Even the reserves have adopted the “long hair don’t care” philosophy. Nobody fights on this team except Morhinweg and Washburn. I also suspect some of our precious Eagles are mentally off which suits me just fine. Well…actually, last year it annoyed me to no end but maybe that was just the losing that got to me.
Regardless, this year I’m accepting the team’s attitude because 1. anything the Eagles do that pisses people off is okay with me (unless that thing is LOSING) 2. It’s not going to change cause, again, the players aren’t interested in our thoughts on the matter. Besides who wants some soft team that’s always talking about “we’re gonna just try and do the best we can.” NO FUCK THAT. YOU SHOULD EXPECT TO WIN DAMMIT.
Apparently, like Malice, the Eagles tried being humble but humble got no respect. Even our long snapper talks shit. 
The only two players who “might” give a fuck what people think are Nnamdi Asomugha and Demeco Ryans. Wait scratch that.  Aso went on record a few weeks ago saying no receiver makes him nervous and WR is the easiest position to play in the NFL. Maybe all his fucks got lost on a trip to Nigeria or something. I will await Ryans first inflammatory comments when he finally makes the journey over to the dark side. *evil laugh*
Whenever I mention that I’m an Eagles and a Falcons fan, people barely acknowledge my Falcons fandom but immediately ask me if I’m “one of those obnoxious Eagles fans.” My answer: YOU DAMN RIGHT. *Hugh Douglas face*
In a nutshell, yes people it’s true. The Philadelphia Eagles players are now acting like Philadelphia Eagles fans. At this point, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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