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NFL Network Will Add Daily Morning Show to Its Lineup

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NFL network is looking to expand it’s reach. And that means they’re going to have to develop some live programming outside of the normal 3 hours or so they typically have during the NFL season. I knew that the network was possibly looking to compete more head on with the other networks when it comes to pre and post game coverage. But now they’re apparently looking to add a morning show to the lineup as well.

NFL Network is considering launching a live morning studio show this summer and has begun the process of identifying possible hosts and reporters. Sports Business Journal reported on this in May:

The network hired Marc Watts to fill a new position as director of media talent for NFL Media. Watts, who started April 23, said his first order of business is to find “four fresh faces” that could be used for such a show.

Specific plans for the morning show have not been finalized, including its name or its time slot. But NFL executives said they hope to get the early morning show ready as soon as July to coincide with the beginning of training camp.

“We’re looking to get on during earlier dayparts when all this breaking news is happening,” NFL Network executive producer Eric Weinberger said last Wednesday, the same day New Orleans Saints player suspensions were announced in the morning. “Mornings are going to become a big daypart for us.

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I think this is a great idea and I’m hoping NFL network takes some chances with the folks they pick to take on these roles. I also hope they include a WOMAN. I’ve mentioned-but not blogged about-how disappointed I am that doesn’t feature any woman writers. The network has gone on somewhat of a hiring spree and a few women were hired to be on-air talent but we can all surmise they will be doing sideline work and the occasional studio interview and not much more than that.

A morning show is an awesome idea especially if NFL network can tap into a more urban and younger crowd. There’s a gap in what’s available for that audience. If they play it right they can find a balance that also suits the beloved 25-45 white male demographic that every marketer is scrambling for. I also like that Watts mentioned fresh faces.

Whatever they do, I see the morning format working. Think about how crazy things are in NFL news. NFL stories break at midnight and after. Why should every other publication and network get to capitalize off talking about those stories first? It makes since for NFL network to join the fray.



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