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Warren Sapp lists cash on hand at $100 and NFL network salary at $45K per month

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After taking a look at Warren Sapp’s bankruptcy filing you have to assume that a lot of this comes down to the back child support he owes in the amount of $876K to his former wife Jamiko Sapp and the fact that he maybe job free soon.

I thumbed through the bankruptcy documents and found it interesting that Sapp lists his cash on hand at $100 although he does cite having a few thousand in money market accounts. But in terms of readily available funds he claims to have none.

Odd, because if you scroll down the documents it shows that he had abnormally high income for March-including final contract payments and appearance fees that brought his income up to $115K. And as late as March 1, 2012 he gave $900 cash to a female friend who happens to have the same name as a certain tattooed model that he’s following on twitter.

In fact, he gave several cash gifts to female friends over the past 9 months ranging from $500 to $1500 suggesting that he normally has at least a little bit of cash to throw around.

By far, the bulk of his assets are tied up in annuities and a big chunk of his value is 2 million plus dollars in life insurance.

All of this makes his decision to start snitch-gate with Jeremy Shockey even more appalling.

Sapp has been very well aware of the great pains the NFL has gone through to rebrand itself, limit liability, and encourage players to be upfront about anything that compromises those efforts. And yet and still, Sapp tweeted about Jeremy Shockey being the “snitch” in the Saints bounty scandal knowing full well his contract with NFL network would be up for renewal consideration in August and he badly needs to keep his job.

NFL network has been much kinder when it comes to ignoring Sapp’s “trangressions” than any other network I can think of would be. They’ve virtually let him do whatever he wants on social media-recently saying his twitter is his PRIVATE account and not associated with NFL network— which simply would not fly any where else in the media sphere that would pay him upwards of the 45K a month he is receiving right now.

He really blew this whole thing.

Sites are already reporting that it is very unlikely that his contract will be renewed after it expires on August 31 and that he has not been on air since Snitch-gate nor have plans been released to have him on again.






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