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Why Did Jim Harbaugh Challenge the Lions’ TouchDown When All Scores Are Reviewed?

The Ever-entertaining San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh

So everyone wanted to know why San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh threw that TD challenge flag during the game against the Lions. There were all manner of snarky reactions “doesn’t he know the rules?” “why would he do that?” Harbaugh’s handshake nemesis Lions Coach Jim Schwartz can be seen on replay politely (lmao) telling Harbaugh to learn the rules.

For the late folks, all TDs are reviewed, flags on scoring plays are no longer necessary. In fact, they draw an unsportsmanlike behavior call which is exactly what Harbaugh received.

So why did Harbaugh throw the flag?

Harbaugh claimed after the game — and after his little post-game shake-and-shove with Schwartz — that he did know the rule. But he threw the flag anyway in hopes it would buy time for the mandatory replay review to alert Carey to take a look at the play.

The 49ers were penalized 15 yards, and Carey never reviewed the play.

I find this confusing. Maybe someone can explain it? As far as I understand the review rules, no one needs to buy time for this. A signal is sent down to the refs if the play reviewers believe they should take a look. If buying time is an issue, I haven’t seen it come up until now.

I think Harbaugh is just planning to entertain fans all season long with his mercurial ways. And for his edification, Steve Mariucci and Michael Irvin have rather hilariously demonstrated proper hand-shaking technique so Harbaugh never has to risk physical altercation due to poor sports manners ever gain.

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