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To Gain Madden Votes Cam Newton Gives Out His Gamer Tags So Fans Can Play Him Online

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Is it too late to kidnap Cam Newton and raise him as my own? What’s the cut off age for something like that?

I wondered this as I watched Cam’s “Campaign” video for the cover of Madden football. He really, really really wants to beat out Calvin “Megatron” Johnson. Newton’s argument? That Madden needs a REAL LIVE gamer on its cover. Someone who actually loves to play Madden football. To illustrate this point, Cam hands out his xbox and ps3 gamer tags and his email so that fans can play him online and send him their number so he can call them.

For those who don’t know, lots of athletes do play fans online and give out their tags on twitter, for example. This was something that was largely started by Ochocinco (surprise, surprise). Still, I think it’s really cool what he’s doing and it’s a great way to promote his desire to be on the cover. I kept thinking this dude is seriously competitive. He’s making videos and going all out to win. Oh if you watch past the 2 minute mark he talks about the Madden curse and why you shouldn’t worry about that when you vote for him.

I can sooooo see this young man doing movies and television. He’s got more charisma than any one person should be allowed to possess.

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