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Video: Robert Griffin III’s new gatorade commercial

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Rookie and Washington Redskin’s QB Robert Griffin III is already off to a fast start in the marketing department (just as Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton was last year). His new gatorade commercial has been released and you can watch it below.

First thing I thought of was all the people who said RGIII needs to cut his braids to establish an image. For style purposes, maybe. But for endorsement/public image purposes? No way. He is a marketer’s dream and there’s very little he can do to change that besides get injured or truly play like trash. Let’s all remember, in Michael Vick’s Atlanta Falcon days he signed a zillion endorsements with raggedy corn rows in his hair — a style that never fit his face and was considered “thuggish” by mainstream crowds [See: Iverson, Allen].

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When it comes to fashion, RGIII’s plaited locks are a pain in my ass. However, I did explain why I’d like to see him keep his hair long. Besides, America already has a speedy clean cut somewhat over serious black QB in Newton, he and RGIII don’t need to deliver similar schticks.


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