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Dear Media: Lay Off The Minute-by-Minute Lockout Updates!

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Congrats to ESPN's Adam Schefter. He has by far the most annoying lockout updates. KUDOS!!

I think this is the first post I’ve written where the entire post is really contained in the headline. But fuck it, we’re here anyway.

I’m tired of the minute by minute updates to the lockout. Every news outlet is posting and tweeting about how close a deal is to getting done. Then, they are updating about how it’s close but not as close as we think. Well how do you know how close I thought a deal was? Then, the media goes on to update us letting us know a deal will be done this week. Well, basically a deal IS done but not ratified. There’s been no vote. Then they let us know a vote “might” happen on Thursday and that NFL players are very busy reading the lengthy Collective Bargaining Agreement that has been drafted.

You got all that? No?

Good thing it doesn’t matter. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been slightly comforting to know that “major” issues have been worked out. And it’s certainly been amusing to see the media treat Peyton Manning, Vincent Jackson, and Logan Mankins as though they are the source of all the lockouts problems because they might want some side deals in return for their services. Somebody remind me to remind the media that there’s a lawsuit going on and NFL players who have been working just as hard as owners on this deal aren’t performing a charity here. It’s also been great to see those in “the know” guess lockout ending dates and be totally wrong and unapologetic as they guess the next date.

But after almost 4 months of this, I’m putting my foot down.

I know we live in a 24 hour news cycle where everything is news from what Z list celeb caught a DUI to what marginally talented NBA player parked in a damn handicapped spot. But it’d be great if the media saved the updates for when something actually takes place. Eventually updates that say close, close, closer, not as close, almost close, Tuesday, Wednesday, no seriously, Thursday just make you look really, really insane.

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