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Players Extend Sincere Condolences At the Passing of Pats Owners’ Wife Myra Kraft

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After a long battle with cancer, Robert Kraft’s wife Myra passed away this morning. Kraft was known for her philanthropic efforts and the personal connection she

made with players in a business that often demands the opposite.

Former Patriots Safety Lawyer Milloy had this to say:

I’m truly heartbroken today. Myra Kraft has passed away. With my Brisk departure from #Boston, she is the one person that I regret not saying goodbye too. As a young player/man she was a gr8 example of how a woman stands beside, not behind, a man of power! I never got a chance to say thanks 4 that lasting impression. R.I.P. You will be missed.


Former Pats Fullback Heath Evans tweeted this:

We have lost 1 of the greatest women I know & hands down the finest in all of sports w/ the passing of Mrs. MyraKraft. What made Myra Kraft special? Strong but Tender-hearted/Proud but Humble/Bold but Soft-Spoken/ Extremely blessed but lived to be a Blessing. I remember crossing the super dome field wk10 2009 Saints/Pats 2 be greeted by Myra & her asking “by name,” how is Beth, Ava, & Naomi?

Patriots Defensive Lineman Vince Wilfork lamented that because of the lockout he can’t get in touch with the Kraft family saying that Myra was a wonderful woman he and his wife adored. I think that as the lockout ends this is a reminder that no matter how ugly negotiations can be all involved are human. And the NFL can be as much a family as it is a business. If only everyone could remain aware of that during good times too.


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