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New CBA Ends Two A Day Workouts During Training Camp

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You will be bombarded with details on what the new CBA includes so I’m not going to get into all that. That would take the fun out of being a blogger. See, it’s a journalist’s job to inform you in totality. It’s MY JOB to highlight things that catch my eye. I’m just saying!

I’ve long felt that NFL players over-practice. I mean my goodness, there’s barely an off season anymore (though I know this one felt long to most fans and players due to the lockout) and even when they’re not in camp they are training and working on conditioning and skill packages all year. The two weeks or so they spend in training camp is a hot, boring time.

And there’s simply no reason for them to be practicing twice a day. The new CBA cuts it out:

Work Rules – A number of changes to the working conditions were put in place.  In training camp, there will no longer be 2-a-day practices, and maximum of 4.5 hours of field time per day will be allowed.  One padded practice limited to 3 hours in training camp, with a second practice limited to non-helmet  walk through.  The agreement also provides for unannounced inspections by NFLPA Staff to ensure compliance with the new work rules.

This is great news from my perspective. A step in the right direction, if you will. For the the quick version of CBA highlights head to the NFLPA’s Pro Player Insiders site. For the long version that I know your ass ain’t gonna read, head over to Sports Illustrated by clicking here. You’re welcome.

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