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Titans Owner Says “Life is Too Short” To Deal With The Way Chris Johnson is Acting

Posted by J Dan in Chris Johnson, NFL Rules, Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson wants to be shown da monay!

This whole Chris Johnson thing just keeps getting sillier. If you’re behind, Chris Johnson is set to make 800K and is clearly worth more than that but how much more is still under review. Chris Johnson wants Wide …




Should The NFL Shun Guys Like Terrell Pryor Who Leave the NCAA Due to Violations?

Posted by J Dan in NFL Rules, Opinion, Player Profile

The main reason I say these players should be allowed in is because there’s no way the NFL would apply standards fairly when it comes to NCAA rulings. For example, players who are penalized by the NCAA AFTER entering the NFL do not face punishment by the NFL. Unfortunately, the NFL is considering changing that fact. But until they do, punishing only the players who received more “timely” punishment by the NCAA is unfair.

Secondly, the NCAA isn’t consistent with its own investigations and punishments. By all accounts, NCAA violations, including the ones Pryor was suspended for, are not uncommon. They are, however, spottily investigated. Basing NFL policy on the decisions of an unreliable governing body is heading down the wrong path. It’s not to say that the NCAA should be expected to find every violator, but the instances in which they “discover” violations their record of penalties is inconsistent.



NFL’s New Kickoff and Review Rules Make Their Debut

Posted by J Dan in Lardarius Webb, NFL Rules, Opinion

Lardarius Webb becomes one of, if not the first, victim of the NFL's new score review rule

The first pre-season games marked the debut of the NFL’s new kick return rules and the new score review rules. So…what do we think?

I talked about the kick return rule when it was …




New CBA Ends Two A Day Workouts During Training Camp

Posted by J Dan in NFL Rules, Opinion

Jaguars Maurice Jones-Drew's booty will be back on my TV in no time. WOOT WOOT

You will be bombarded with details on what the new CBA includes so I’m not going to get into all that. That would take the fun out of being a blogger. See, it’s a …




Goodell Says NFL Needs to Win Fans Back-My List of Things He Can Do

Posted by J Dan in NFL Lockout, NFL Rules, Opinion

NFLPA President DeMaurice Smith and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell shake hands after new CBA is reached


The photo to the left is symbolic of what every fan has been waiting for all summer. The end of the lockout. And, more importantly, the end to annoying lockout updates.

In the press conference …




NFL Lockout Day 132: Players To Owners “F**K YO COUCH, Buy Another One You Rich Muthaf*ckas!”"

Posted by J Dan in NFL Rules, Players

I haven’t been blogging on the lockout, but I figured yesterday’s CBA vote drama was worth a post.

If you missed it, the NFL and owners basically played a dirty business trick and couched it with a dirtier PR trick. First they added some things to the CBA that hadn’t been …




Toronto’s Mayor Thinks NFL and CFL Can Coexist — Say What Now?

Posted by J Dan in New Orleans Saints, NFC South, NFL Rules

The talks about our sister North American country Canada getting an NFL team in Toronto have been going on for a while but now they’re heating up. Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford has been touting Toronto as the next big NFL destination and claiming that the NFL and CFL can coexist …




NFL Owners Would Rather Cover Empty Seats Than Lower Ticket Prices?

Posted by J Dan in NFL Rules, Player Profile

The NFL has began to consider allowing teams to “reduce seating capacity” to avoid blackouts. For those who don’t know, if attendance doesn’t meet specified numbers, home games are blacked out in the city in question. They even discussed whether or not to lift the covers during high demand games …




Steelers James Harrison Says NFL’s Hit Rules are Unclear Even To Referees

Posted by J Dan in AFC North, James Harrison, NFL Rules, Pittsburgh Steelers, Players

A smiling Pittsburgh Steelers Linebacker James Harrison

When a player sets up a blog SPECIFICALLY to air out thoughts on ONE issue you know they are FRUSTRATED. Last time this happened, Steelers Running Back Rashard Mendenhall set up a blog clarify his comments on 9/11. Well Mendenhall’s teammate James Harrison …




Adding Concussions to Madden 2012 Doesn’t Change Reality

Posted by J Dan in NFL Rules

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was concussed twice during last season

EA sports has apparently altered Madden so that in the 2012 edition of the game, players with concussions cannot return to games. They even simulate players being carted off the field. The game’s namesake, John Madden, has said that the …




NFL Quietly Reducing or Reversing Many Illegal Hit Fines

Posted by J Dan in AFC North, Brandon Meriweather, DeSean Jackson, Dunta Robinson, James Harrison, NFL Rules, Pittsburgh Steelers

The NFLPA has been appealing all the fines that have been levied against players for hits. And, quietly, the NFL has been steadily reversing or reducing many of the penalties. To me, this could be one of the biggest stories of the season and a sign that the NFL isn’t …


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