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More NFL Teams Cater to the Ladies!! Would You Go To An NFL Ladies Night?

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This week three NFL teams’ players hosted events strictly for their lady fans. New Orleans’ Saints’ SS Darren Sharper and RB Reggie Bush invited 300 women to a session in which the ladies learned everything from defensive schemes to referee signals. Sharper said the ladies were already knowledgeable but looking to learn a little more. Bush stated that he hoped he could help ladies “bridge the gap” in some relationships since Sundays are for football women should be able to enjoy the games just as the men do.

The Chicago Bears hosted a ladies night that was a little more intimate. Attendees got dinner, a special gift, a Q&A session, autographs and time to talk to players. I thought this was pretty cool.

The Steelers also hosted a ladies event with 400 women-completely sold out. The event included tours of the locker rooms and some great stories by the Steelers’ very charismatic players.

I think this is a great thing for the NFL to recognize how much of its support (read: MONEY) is coming from the female contingent.

Today, the Washington Post ran an article about how the Redskins affect the local economy, and the first paragraph of the article was about a lady fan who dresses in redskins gear from head to toe (including underwear). Maybe most lady fans aren’t that fanatical, but still we’re out there!

If you know of any other ladies nights, let me know. Has anyone been to one? Would you go?

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