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New Jersey Gov Christie Signs Concussion Bill to Protect the Young’ins: Roger Goodell Attends

Photo courtesy of the NFL

Today NJ Gov Christie signed a bill that requires:

  • Coaches remove any player who shows signs of a concussion.
  • Coaches receive clearance from a doctor before the student can compete again.
  • Public and private school districts to develop policies to handle head injuries.
  • Coaches and other staff receive training on concussions.

In a show of support, Roger Goodell attended the signing as well the NFL’s new better citizen rep, Troy Vincent who had a long and accomplished career with the Philadelphia Eagles and as NFLPA President. Woody Johnson, George Martin, Bart Oates, Charles Way, and Dave Szott,  also attended the event.

It’s good to see the NFL showing some support for this bill. If there’s going to be wholesale change in the way we think about concussions, it’s going to have to start long before young men suit up for an NFL team. Now, the question is how well these new rules will play out-what will be the impact on team sports in New Jersey. And, also whether this will inspire further State legislation or even some legislation at the Federal level.


More NFL Teams Cater to the Ladies!! Would You Go To An NFL Ladies Night?

This week three NFL teams’ players hosted events strictly for their lady fans. New Orleans’ Saints’ SS Darren Sharper and RB Reggie Bush invited 300 women to a session in which the ladies learned everything from defensive schemes to referee signals. Sharper said the ladies were already knowledgeable but looking to learn a little more. Bush stated that he hoped he could help ladies “bridge the gap” in some relationships since Sundays are for football women should be able to enjoy the games just as the men do.

The Chicago Bears hosted a ladies night that was a little more intimate. Attendees got dinner, a special gift, a Q&A session, autographs and time to talk to players. I thought this was pretty cool.

The Steelers also hosted a ladies event with 400 women-completely sold out. The event included tours of the locker rooms and some great stories by the Steelers’ very charismatic players.

I think this is a great thing for the NFL to recognize how much of its support (read: MONEY) is coming from the female contingent.

Today, the Washington Post ran an article about how the Redskins affect the local economy, and the first paragraph of the article was about a lady fan who dresses in redskins gear from head to toe (including underwear). Maybe most lady fans aren’t that fanatical, but still we’re out there!

If you know of any other ladies nights, let me know. Has anyone been to one? Would you go?


D’Angelo Hall’s Birthday Bowl is Coming Up. Get Your Tickets DC Folks!

I love when players have bowling birthday parties for charity. It’s kind of fun to see the players relaxing amongst both friends and fans. Washington Redskins CB D’Angelo Hall’s birthday bowl is on November 14th at the always-expensive and even more crowded Lucky Strikes bowling lanes in the Chinatown neighborhood of Washington DC.

Of course there’s the normal promise of a VIP option and attendance by other athletes and celebrities. Sometimes these parties meet expectations, sometimes they don’t.

The tickets are pricey. But hey, access isn’t free right?

Get tickets here.


Ray Rice, Chris Johnson, and Matt Forte Finalists for FED Ex Player of the Week

You have until noon on Friday to vote for the Ravens’ Rice, the Bears’ Forte, or the Titans’ Johnson at

Baltimore Raven Ray Rice

Ray Rice rushed for 133 yards and two touchdowns in a 31-17 win over Denver.

Matt Forte, who had 166 yards and two touchdowns in a 23-6 win over Carolina.

Chris Johnson had 131 yards with two scores in a 34-27 win over Dallas.

$2000 is donated to Safe Kids Worldwide in the winning player’s name.

You can also vote for David Garrard, Vince Young, or Shaun Hill in the Fed Ex AIR Player of the Week Contest at the same link.

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