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Remember When You Used to Comment on My Blog? You Can Do That Again Now

A while back I switched from Disqus to facebook for comments on my blog. I thought it might make things a little better. Well, I don’t know why I thought that cause I’m not aware of facebook ever making anything better. NO OFFENSE to the good people at the world largest social media network.

I have heard your cries (and your deafening silence) and I’ve switched the blog back over to disqus comments. I hope that that encourages people to start commenting again. I really miss having discussions on the blog- they were often better than whatever was going on with twitter. Plus I like to discuss my posts with people who’ve read them-or at least half-way read them.

I definitely don’t miss the trolls that show up when commenting is more open but I do a pretty good job moderating those so I won’t complain.

Long story short, I miss comments like Aaron Hall missed that one girl who had clearly moved on.  ”We used to talk…and laugh all night…”


Three Superbowl Champions Won’t Visit White House with Ravens This Week

Safety Bernard Pollard is one of three former Ravens who can’t wait to miss the team’s visit to the White House on Wednesday, June 5th.

When Ozzie Smith said he wouldn’t break the bank for a chance at a repeat Superbowl he meant it. Right after the SB win, the Baltimore Ravens immediately begin to shed veteran players who contributed to the championship. Three of those former players have already said they won’t visit the White House with the team on Wednesday.

The first to say to hell with that shit was Bernard Pollard. Pollard, who has never shied away from giving his opinion, basically said that he didn’t want to be in the room with “certain people” *ahem* Coach Harbaugh.

Now, San Francisco 49ers WR Anquan Boldin and Philadelphia Eagles CB Cary Williams have also said they’d rather go to a routine offseason organized team activity then show up and act like they’re cool with the MFers who unceremoniously fired their asses-I’m paraphrasing. It’s also very likely that Williams doesn’t want to miss anymore time at Novacare since he’s already missed time for his wedding, among other things, and Boldin is itching to be a frequent target this season and needs time with his new QB.

So there, I gave the diplomatic reasons too.

Still, I have no doubt that as much as the Ravens tried to downplay whatever happened between the team and Coach John Harbaugh, there are some bad feelings lingering in the air from both the Coach’s actions during the season and the team’s decision to dismantle so much of the team. Pollard, Williams, and Boldin are clearly over it.

The Ravens visit the White House on June 5th. I hope they send out some good photos. If so, I’ll be sure to post them.




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