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Plaxico Burress Takes Curious Steps Upon Release From Jail

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Plaxico Burress works out with Chad Ochocinco, Frank Gore and Antonio Brown

Former Giants receiver Plaxico Burress is a fellow Tidewater, Virginia native, and as such it is my duty to vigorously defend him! But I gotta be honest, he’s making it really hard right about now.

I first started to get annoyed when his agent Drew Rosenhaus kept giving us jail release updates every week knowing full well there’s a lockout and teams can’t make any moves. This is not a situation in which a forgotten player needs publicity to make sure he’s on team radars. Everyone who’s anyone in football remembers Burress very well and they also remember why he spent time out of the league.

Secondly, he’s now joined up with anti-gun organizations in the vein of another Tidewater native Michael Vick joined forces with the Humane Society of the United States after being incarcerated for being involved with dog fighting.

Here’s the difference: Vick didn’t have a choice, HSUS wasn’t going to let him live ONE day in peace if he didn’t cow tow to their demands. Further, it’s easy to believe that Vick now understands that fighting dogs is cruel, I’m not sure Burress believes that guns are wrong if you carry them safely and within the confines of the law. Of course, I don’t know his heart so I could be wrong, but it doesn’t pass the smell test from my perspective.

I would have much rather have seen Burress remain silent on the topic OR join up with organizations that are fighting the type of sentence that he received. Burress is old enough to understand very fully that carrying a gun isn’t what got him incarcerated-not following the law is what caused his troubles. Hell, I’d rather see him shoot safety commercials for the NRA, he might actually make some decent cash doing that.

Finally, I think that Rosenhaus has Burress talking way too much. I think he needs to choose one long form interview to do on his experience and leave all the little quotes and sound bites about what team he’d like to play for out of the discussion. Teams are well aware that Burress exists and once the lockout is over he will have no issues getting tryout opportunities. When you’re in Burress’ position, wouldn’t you be happy to play for ANY team?

Anyway, Rosenhaus’ PR abilities have always been questionable to me. This week the back and forth with the Giants was really unnecessary and Burress should have been advised NOT to criticize the Coughlin’s coaching style. In particular, since Coughlin turned the Giants completely around and by most accounts has resolved many of the issues players had with him-at least publicly. Burress’ comments are about…umm…2 years late. lol!


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