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It’s Official: 4 Quarterbacks Will Get Their First Starts Week 7

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Raiders Quarterback Jason Campbell aka Young Lionel Richie has a career that is once again in the air. #PrayForYoungLionel

Lots of changes afoot at the quarterback position. Together, those changes mean that 4 new QBs will start on Sunday!

Who are they? What are the circumstances? I’m glad you asked.

1. Washington Redskins

Out = Rex Grossman

In = John Beck

Rex Grossman has been a below average QB for a long time, Super bowl appearance nonwithstanding. For some reason the Shanahan’s had it in their mind that they could turn him into something that he’s not-good. Great, even. After becoming a turnover machine the past couple games (including 4 interceptions in 3 quarters against the Eagles last week), Mike Shanahan realized what Bears fans knew a long time ago. There’s no country for Rex Grossman in football. John Beck, who I predicted would be the Redskins starter at the beginning of the season, is officially in (if you click on my link you can also see my totally wrong prediction regarding Tim Tebow). I just hope the Skins take my advice and never bench Beck for Grossman no matter how bad things get.

2. Oakland Raiders

Out = Jason Campbell

In = Carson Palmer

Raiders Coach Hue Jackson somehow convinced Dr. Evil, I mean, Mike Brown to give up Carson Palmer who he vowed to never trade. Palmer quit football (not retired) cause he was FED UP with Cincinnati’s bullshit. I think this could be a good move for the Raiders. I explained why in great detail here.

Can we just have a moment of silence for Jason Campbell? What a tumultuous career. This shows how shaky the NFL is. One minute you’re starting the next minute, you’re injured, replaced, and wondering if you’ll ever play again, much less start.

Let’s talk 6 degrees of separation. Campbell is a Redskins cast off. After going through 8 coaches in 6 years (exaggeration…but not by much), Campbell was shipped out to the Raiders in favor of Donovan McNabb, former Eagles QB who was benched for Rex Grossman. So you know where we’re going next…

3. Minnesota Vikings

Out = Donovan McNabb

In = Christian Ponder

McNabb is done but for some reason he still doesn’t know it. Now I thought he was mistreated in Washington, but due to the fact that he was benched over a year ago and hadn’t played football in a year, the likelihood of his skills deteriorating even more was high in the first place.McNabb is a curious case to me. I’m actually surprised he didn’t retire when the Eagles wanted to get rid of him. He’s made plenty of money and I don’t get any sort of “passionate about football” feelings from him. To hear him say he feels like he has a lot of football left…I’m just confused. Like…why? And why does he want to go from classy to ashy?

Don’t get me wrong, the Vikings aren’t good whether they have McNabb or not. They will probably be in about the same shape with Ponder as they were with McNabb unless he and Adrian Peterson can pull some sort of Cam Newton-Steve Smith/Andy Dalton-AJ Green thing. Still, now that their season is pretty much a wash, there’s no better time to go ahead and start a rookie. In fact, as I said before, if ever you DID have a rookie QB that couldn’t sit, this was the season to throw him out there. With no OTAs or mini-camps lots of guys are in the midst of a steep learning curve-not just rookies. Might as well give the young guys a season to start without massive consequences if they aren’t great the first year.

So you know where I’m going next right…

4. Denver Broncos

Out = Kyle Orton

In = Tim Tebow

Honeyyyyy what is going on? The Broncos are confusing to me. They ship out Brandon Lloyd (their best WR), and the reason (as speculated by many) is that they are clearing house to make room for guys that buy-in to Tebow. I get it, but I don’t understand it. Lloyd was headed toward Free Agency, I don’t think he would have handed in a poor performance knowing that he wanted to play somewhere else and this season would be an audition. Part of finding out whether a QB can be successful is putting him in a position to succeed. Getting rid of a strong route runner doesn’t seem geared toward that line of thinking. Also, I don’t get the sense from the Broncos leadership that they’re sure Tebow will be there past this season.

So I’m supposed to believe they’re building around an experiment. Anything is possible, but it sounds fishy to me. It feels like they are setting up Tebow to ensure he fails convincingly so that the fans can’t bitch when they get a new QB. He has to fail for leadership to get a trade/cut pass from the fans, he can’t just be “not good.” Not good may mean you’re stuck with him longer or risk “they never gave him a chance…” feelings. Either way, I support Tebow starting. There’s no better time to figure out what this young man has to offer-besides the personality of potted meat.








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