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Quick Profile Interviews: A New Feature on Playerperspective you will LOVE

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When I started playerperspective my thinking was that I really wanted a place where I could examine all players in sports—from publicists, to writers, bloggers, analysts, coaches, team staff, agents etc. The question was how to do it. Obviously, I write a lot about all the people involved in sports just by way of blogging and assessing everything whether its performances in games, announcing, agent actions and clients, or analyzing coaching methods and style.

But I wanted to profile people a bit more formally but not be too typical with it. So I decided to start to start sending folks questions to answer that would let us all get a better understanding, over time, about the different approaches people use to cover sports or participate in them or help others participate in them. No, sending people questions via email isn’t anything new. But what’s different for this feature is that I chose the questions based my personal knowledge of the profilee. I’m not sending everyone the same 4 questions.

I have some great features lined up already including—you know what, I won’t even say who. Because it’s not as much about “who” as much as it is about the answers and knowledge they bring to the table. And I think you will see a lot of good stuff in these profile interviews (that’s what I’m calling them for now!).

I’m excited about this and I have 3 profiles already ready to go starting tomorrow. Woot woot

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