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Robert Griffin III’s QB Camp - Tonight at 9pm

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Hardcore football fans it is officially time to geek out with THAT GUY. Yes, that guy! Jon Gruden…who likes to say that phrase a lot. But if you’re a hardcore football you knew that didn’t you???

I don’t know about you, but ever since I watched Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, and Terrell Pryor show marginal interest in being harassed by Gruden about playcalling, I have been excited for QB camp to return.

Tonight’s episode with Baylor QB/Heisman Trophy winner/ soon-to-be-Washington-Redskin Robert Griffin III should be a special treat especially since this year’s crop of QBs have had a chance to see what Gruden does on these episodes. Last year’s guys were kinda caught off guard, I think. Either way, Griffin’s braids will have plenty to say, I’m sure.

Who saw Andrew Luck’s episode? It apparently aired on Friday. I’m waiting to catch a rerun.

Episode trailer here. Of course, Gruden’s QB camp airs on ESPN.


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