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5 Things in the NFL That Must Be Stopped - Vol 2

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I have asked God to PLEASE give me the strength to stop calling this man "Lil Baby Sproles." So far my prayers have gone unanswered. Hello God, are you there? It's me, J Danielle!

A couple weeks ago I gave you 5 things in the NFL that must be stopped. I wasn’t planning to make it a series, but what the hell. Here’s my volume 2.

1. Andy Reid and Juan Castillo. I can’t even go on and on about this anymore. Just make sure you’ve read this and this. I hear they “might” be hiring a defensive consultant soon. I guess that’s better than nothing.

2. Former players talking about their former teams’ players. Yes, I wrote an entire post on this but I feel it bears repeating. Cause it’s important. You know, I once had a boss who said that people never took him seriously and his “solution” to this was to say “I’m Serious” whenever he was serious. Needless to say, I never took him seriously again. But maybe I should have. Cause I’m sure people thought I was kidding when I wrote my post. I wasn’t. I’m serious.

3. NFL refs. I don’t know what happened at the referees’ last meeting with Goodell but something has these dudes shook. I’ve seen more flags through week 5 than a Puerto Rican Day Parade. The refs were particularly trigger happy in the Monday Night Football game between the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears. The refs also got a few calls wrong such as the one fumble call that was pretty costly for the Jets in their loss to the Patriots on Sunday. Funny fact, apparently, when refs get it wrong, the team gets a letter. Too bad that the letter most teams want is a W!

4. Jay Cutler’s over zealous detractors. Rex Grossman, you think you have haters?  Try living Jay Cutler’s life for a minute. You take your team all the way to the NFC chip while laying prostrate for most of the season, and you still can’t get no respect. I have no issue with anyone being criticized, but it seems there’s a whole lot of jumping overboard when it comes to Cutler. I think it’s time to rein it in. Just because he doesn’t put on a happy face every time someone talks to him doesn’t mean he should be trashed.

Let’s say you gave me a list of the best “okay” quarterbacks, for fun how about Jay Cutler, Matt Ryan, Tony Romo, Eli Manning, Mark Sanchez and Joe Flacco…and told me I could only have one for game day and I have one hour to decide. I’d spend 59 minutes laughing at the fact that you think I’d choose anyone other than Cutler from that group, and spend the last minute grabbing Cutler’s bags. “Sir, you’re coming with me.”

The thing that bothers me about Cutler’s biggest critics is that they just don’t like him as a man. And they don’t even have the common decency to try to hide it. When Rick Reilly wrote his  ”Jay Cutler is No Teddy Bear” column the quotes from Cutler’s detractors sounded like the proverbial scorned woman trying to shriek her way back into her lover’s life. What I gather is that we’re supposed to hate Cutler because he doesn’t care for celebrity, isn’t star struck by former NFL greats like 99% of men on the planet, might be a tad socially awkward, and isn’t the least bit interested in keeping up a false pretense (Heeeey Tom Brady). I wonder if any of this would be an issue if Cutler played for the Raiders?

The list of stupid things I’ve heard people say about Cutler ranges from not seeing his passion on the field (is this football or the Oscars?) to saying he’s soft (hmm sacked 6o+ times in a season and still carried team to NFC championship, if only more men were so dainty).

I hate to be the bearer of bad news cause i know that men don’t like rejection. But it’s important that I tell you fellas something…

Jay Cutler is just not that into you :(

5. Me referring to  New Orleans Saints Running Back Darren Sproles as “Lil Baby Sproles.” Yes, it’s true! I had to add my own damn self to the list of things that must be stopped. After reading up on space players, I was led to google Sproles. He has a pretty boring past but in my quick search I found out that Sproles is…MARRIED.  I then felt a little bit guilty about referring to this apparently grown man as “lil baby.”  I must be stopped…but sadly, I don’t think I can be. If anyone knows Sproles, please ask him if this offends him in any way. Maybe if he says it’s offensive it will help me stop (I doubt it).

By the way, did you know that for a spell Sproles WASN’T the littlest teeniest (see how I act? smh!) player in the NFL? Until October 5th, that honor was held by Trindon Holliday, who is the same height as Sproles but 25lbs lighter. I don’t know who in the hell can find a Wide Receiver that small. WWCJS!!! (What Would Calvin Johnson Say?)

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