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Week 8 Recap: Is Favre’s Play a Miracle? Is Shanahan mentally sound? Is Belichick in the Illumanati?

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Back in Shakesperean times, women weren’t allowed to be in performances. Men played all the parts in the dramas. Today, we call that football. Football is an all male Young and The Restless with enough drama for everyone from the casual watcher to the maniacal fanatic.

Week 8 served up plenty to talk about, and it’s always interesting how story lines are covered by different news outlets.

To start, the Washington Post’s Redskins blog rounded up all the reactions from people around the league regarding Shanahan’s what-the-fuck decision to bench McNabb in favor of Rex Grossman with 2 minutes left on the game clock.

The reactions were mostly angry. Actually, I was surprised at how angry they were. The only  mild reaction was the best one in my opinion. Michael Irving said:

“It wasn’t just taking Donovan out. It was bringing Rex Grossman in. All of our eyes have seen enough of Rex Grossman.”


Michael Wilbon, Mike Ditka, Tony Kornheiser et al were more thorough in their statements, but Irvin’s sentiment was shared by all.

Unless you’ve been hiding inside Troy Polamalu’s luxurious locks the last 24 hours, you’ve probably heard that Randy Moss was unceremoniously waived by Vikings Coach Brad Childress. Not only was he waived, but he was the last to find out.

Jason Cole at Yahoo Sports didn’t like Childress’ decision one bit:

In announcing the team’s intentions to release Randy Moss(notes), Childress confirmed what many in the Vikings organization have believed about him for years: His management of people is questionable, his willingness to listen is nonexistent and his reaction to criticism is punitive.

This only confirms the growing tension that already existed in the Minnesota locker room before the season. Everyone in Minnesota knew back in training camp (and actually long before then), that Favre and Childress don’t get along. Favre doesn’t respect Childress, viewing him more as geeky impediment rather than a sophisticated football mind.

The difference with Favre is that Childress knows he needs Favre to have a real chance. Once Childress got Favre, there was no turning back. Make no mistake: Favre runs the show in that battle of alpha males.

When it came to Moss, Childress wasn’t going to let another player run roughshod over him. When Moss criticized the coaches Sunday after the loss to the Patriots, that was the tipping point.

I’m not fan of my-way-or-the-highway Coaches, I wrote about it when I gave my reaction to McNabb’s benching. So overall I don’t disagree with Cole. However, I don’t agree that “Childress knows he needs Favre to have a real chance.” I think it’s pretty clear the Vikings don’t have a chance with Favre. They’d probably be just as well to have Jackson QB with an experienced and prolific WR like Randy Moss to throw to.

I do agree that Favre is winning their battle, unfortunately there’s nothing to be won.

Who gets Moss? Guesses?

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter said various league sources indicated the Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys, St. Louis Rams, Miami Dolphins, Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets, Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots and the Bears could be possibly interested in making a claim for Moss.

The receiver will enter waiver process Tuesday, and there’s a good chance he could join a new team soon after he’s officially waived, considering his representatives — according to reports — have already been contacted by the Dolphins and Seahawks. The Buffalo Bills, by virtue of owning the worst record in the league, get first dibs on Moss, who will be awarded to the team with the worst record to put in a claim.

The fact that the Patriots are on that list just shows how odd the NFL can be sometimes. In terms of the list of interested teams, Moss might make a good choice for the Raiders and possibly the Seahawks, but Moss is gonna be a pain in the ass for any team that isn’t winning. Not sure how he’d be all that useful for the Dolphins. Unless he can gain 70 lbs in a week and get some blocking skills, the Skins should stay far away. And as far as I’m concerned the Jets need to work with what they’ve got.


So what about the money?

Sports Illustrated says:

Moss’s contract called for a $6.4 million base salary this season - leaving the Vikings on the hook for at least $1.5 million. If Moss is claimed on waivers, the team that signs him is responsible for the remainder of his salary. If he clears waivers, then he can sign as a free agent under new terms.

Claiming priority is based on inverse order of the current standings, so the Patriots - who lead the league at 6-1 - would be last. Belichick declined comment Monday.

“You can’t bait me into it,” he said.

Speaking of Belichick, from now on he shall forever be known as the “Negro Whisperer.” I don’t know what it is that he has over these guys-it can’t just be the wins or the perceived opportunity to win. But no one wants to leave Belichik’s tutelage. Did you see the way Deion Branch hugged him after the game a few weeks ago. It was…uncomfortable for me.

Remember that coaches poll from last year? Belichick was both one of the coaches the players polled DIDN’T want to play for AND one of the coaches the players DID want to play for. He was the only coach to make both lists. If that doesn’t say illuminati I don’t know what does.


Jokes…just jokes.

Jason Campbell is still the number 2 QB in Oakland and far from gaining back the starting spot, but he’s played very well the last two games and it’s worth mentioning I think.

On Sunday, Campbell passed for 310 yards, Darren McFadden ran for 111 yards and Darrius Heyward-Bey had a career-best 105 yards receiving on five catches. It was all part of the 545 yards in total offense generated by the Raiders, who also had 508 yards in offense the week before in their thrashing of the Broncos. It’s the first time in Raiders history that the offense has produced successive 500-yard games.

Oh back to Favre…I would give some reactions about him from around the league but his own statements say so much!

Of his ability to play after fracturing his ankle and being “barely able to walk” Monday and Tuesday, Favre stated:

“I’m shocked I was able to play and move around the way that I was. My prayers were answered. . . . I expect to play [from here on out.] I made decision to come back, feel like this team is close.”

He then went on to call his start “a miracle.”

Whatever you say, honey.

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