Dr. J Will Auction Off His 1983 76ers Championship Ring This Week — Also Being Sued By Bank

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The Great Dr. Julius Erving, a living legend.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Dr. J is being sued by his bank over a 200K loan and 1 million dollar line of credit. The AJC lists the auctioning of his memorabilia (which starts Friday) as a separate matter, but who really believes that?

In an unrelated matter, many of Erving’s basketball memorabilia items, including his 1983 Philadelphia 76ers World Championship ring, will be up for bidding Friday, SCP Auctions said Tuesday. Other items on the auction block include Erving’s ABA championship rings from 1974 and 1976 with the New York Nets, MVP trophies from both the NBA and the ABA, and jerseys.

The minimum bid is $25,000 for the NBA championship ring, and $20,000 for each ABA title ring and the NBA MVP trophy, the auction house said. In a statement released by the auction house, Erving said he plans to donate a portion of the auction proceeds to the Salvation Army.

HE’S AUCTIONING HIS 1983 PHILADELPHIA 76ERS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP RING? As a 6ers fan I’m a little hurt! That was the very last championship we won.

I wasn’t going to put up a post about this, but blame T.O. for the fact that I did. I was just thinking yesterday, if you were a huge fan of Terrell Owens, yesterday was HEARTBREAKING FOR YOU. A few months back I wrote a post about watching my childhood heroes fall. So I know reading about Dr. J will be difficult for some people.

Speaking of which, for a fairly small market paper, the AJC does a great job breaking news about celebs in Atlanta. Their stories on Allen Iverson’s comings and goings in Atlanta  pretty much  single-handled crushed the 2000s for me. Dr. J apparently moved to Atlanta last summer.


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