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When will billionaires learn that just cause the NFL says something is okay doesn’t mean it’s okay!

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ESPN”s Adam Shefter reported a few hours ago that the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins are going to be hit with a 10 million and 36 million dollar reductions in cap space (respectively) for going over the cap in an uncapped year. Yes, they went over the cap in a year where there was no cap. They also submitted their contracts for league review (which is normal) and had those contracts approved (as far as anyone can tell). The lesson in all of this is just because the NFL approves something doesn’t mean they approve of it. I don’t know what part of that is confusing for these supposedly smart billionaires.

Let’s play a game.

What’s worse than going over the cap when it was okay but it’s not anymore? Overspending on the likes of Miles Austin and Albert Haynesworth which is just what the Cowboys and Redskins did. What’s even way worse than over spending on players who either don’t play to potential or spend most of their time too injured to play to potential? Trading four picks to move up in the draft to get a franchise QB that you are, now, effectively 36 million dollars behind in being able to build around him in free agency. I imagine there are some happy faces in Philadelphia and New York right now.

For more on how the NFL shot a hole in the heart of Cowboys and Redskins fans go here. In fairness, the teams were warned.

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