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Jets Dustin Keller’s Tips For Eating Healthy On a Budget

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New York Jets Dustin Keller

A Smiling Dustin Keller

It’s always interesting to me to see which things players are passionate about. This week I ran across Dustin Keller’s post on about healthy eating. Apparently he’s written on this topic before in the NY Times and will now be doing a series of posts on it for  I found Keller’s first post to be pretty damn practical, especially the part about saving money by not eating junk and incorporating soups and beans and brown rice.


One thing I always tell people is to limit the amount of junk food they purchase and consume, and that includes salty and sugary foods. You need to drink a lot of water and stay away from foods that are high in saturated fats. Snacking is one area that can really sneak up on you. People snack out of boredom sometimes, rather than from being hungry. Try getting fat-free, sugar-free instant pudding made with nonfat or 1 percent milk. Fiber One Bars, Whole Grain Fig Newtons and other cookies made from high fiber are much, much better for you, and they’re not that expensive.

Another way to continue eating healthy on a budget is to include things like brown rice, frozen produce and canned fish. Brown rice is a whole grain, and it helps in weight loss and fights against heart disease. Plus, you can use brown rice in a lot of different things like soups, stir-fries, stews, or you can eat it by itself.

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