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Girlie Entry: Happy Birthday to New Orleans Saints Safety Darren Sharper!

Darren Sharper Looking Better Than 99.99999999999999% of Men Without Even Trying

Every now and then I take a few minutes from scribbling “I love Darren Sharper” on every wall and piece of notebook paper I see, and actually pay attention to the way the man plays.

Every now and then…but mostly I make myself content with “oo la la’ing” over his photos and asking people how “J Danielle Sharper” sounds and whether or not people think Darren wants one more child or two (I am open to whatever he wants).

The Vikings let him go, but I wouldn't!

Now that Darren is off the PUP (physically unable to perform) list and back in the game, the Saints are looking better-and not just physically. Sharper has returned strong, in the last game alone he was in 13 defensive plays and four special teams. Sharper is still one of the best at getting to the ball and he topped off a strong return with one of his famous interceptions.

I just sprinkled sugar alllllll over this post, can you tell? You will never hear me speak this kindly about any other player and you will also never hear me speak ill of Sharper.


When Sharper retires and someone asks me “who is the best safety currently in the league?” my answer will still be Darren Sharper. Sharper is also the best wide receiver, quarterback, running back, nose tackle, middle line backer, center, corner back, kicker, Coach and offensive coordinator.


oo la la

At 35, Sharper is still the man and has experienced the type of longevity that many players can only dream of. I hope he enjoys his birthday today and goes into Week 9 ready to play hard once again.

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