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NFL Fines Brett Favre 4.5 Minutes of Pay for Sexting Scandal

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I wasn’t going to blog on this because I didn’t do it in a timely manner. But once I saw that CNBC’s Sportsbiz journalist Darren Rovell did the math on this, I couldn’t resist. According to Rovell Brett Favre makes $11,373 per minute of every game. The $50K fine levied by the league amounts to about 4.5 minutes of pay.

Rovell later went on to wonder if Favre would have been fined $100K had he tripped Sterger rather than subjected her to his penis via short message service. That comment was a reference to the now infamous Sal Alosi case in which the Jets strength and conditioning coach was caught on tape tripping a Dolphins player during a game. Rovell also mentioned that Wrangler wouldn’t comment on the case but that Favre still retains his endorsement.

Oh and if you’re not following Rovell on twitter, he’s definitely worth the follow. His timeline contains some interesting gems. For example the other day he tweeted that Lebron James items command the most on ebay and that the NBA is off to its greatest regular season in history with ratings up by 30%.

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