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LaDainian Tomlinson Credits Tiki Barber With Helping Him Finish His Career Strong

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When I ran across this article I was a little surprised. I never figured Tiki Barber to be the type to help anyone. That’s terrible, but he’s just not one of my favorite people. Anyway, apparently, Tomlinson contacted Barber for some advice on how to adjust to being an older player successfully. Tiki obliged and directed Tomlinson to the trainer who helped him stay in game shape.

Whatever they’re doing is working. I looked at the stats and if Tomlinson stays healthy (quite a feat in today’s league) he’s on pace to match or exceed the number of receptions he’s had in previous years.

This is one of those little nugget articles I love. I’m always interested to see which players have relationships with which other players and why.

Read about it here.

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