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Michael Vick and The Eagles Benefit From the Powers of the Almighty…BROMANCE

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The intense love shared between heterosexual males. A form of male bonding and usually invisible to the naked eye. This bond is normally only shared between two males that have a deeper understanding of each other, in a way no woman could ever realize.

Michael Vick greets new teammate Nnamdi Asomugha at Training Camp. (Photo by Rich Shultz)

Yes I realize I have quoted Urban Dictionary, but I think that’s okay because it has the word “dictionary in it.”

Moving on…let’s get something straight.

You may have been sporting a Michael Vick jersey since his days of Virginia Tech. You might even have known him way back in his Warwick high school days. You may have even purchased red leg warmers when he played for the Falcons so that your legs were covered in red like his legs.

And by “you” I do mean me.

But neither one of us (you or me) should think for one second that you are among the elite group of Michael Vick’s biggest fans. Cause Vick’s biggest fans don’t attend games—they play in them.

Nobody loves Michael Vick more than other football players. That’s why I didn’t even raise an eyebrow when the Dallas Cowboy’s Tashard Choice asked for his autograph 2 seconds after his team got spanked.

I couldn’t believe how annoyed some fans were. Most athletes and even sports journalists knew: Who cares that Choice’s team lost one game. THIS IS MICHAEL FUCKING VICK! Not like he ran across the field and got Desean Jackson’s John Hancock.

Last night the Eagles worked out a deal with Jarrad Page. Page IMMEDIATELY tweeted about how excited he was to play for the Eagles. Following suit of the other many recent Eagles signings such as Jason Babin who also gushed with happiness to play for the team.

I lamented that I didn’t see too many new players for my beloved Falcons expressing such glowing excitement. Then I remembered, they don’t have Michael Vick anymore.

There’s a reason Michael Vick used to refer to himself as The Experience.  I can post any number of highlights showing the electrifying moves this man can make on a field. But what people don’t know is how much of a football players’ football player he is. Vick is the reigning King of guy’s guys. A man’s man, if you will.

If there’s anything that athletes know, it’s just how hard it is to do what so many of them make look easy. From a spectator standpoint, Vick still has a lot of issues with reading defenses (though he’s improved a lot) and some work to do with spreading the ball (which he avoided like the plague in Atlanta). But scouting reports aside there’s simply no accounting for the ability to do what simply looks impossible.

Other athletes appreciate that attribute in Vick more than anyone else. Not to mention Vick’s desire and drive to win games, and his refusal to be broken by his past mistakes—no matter how hard PETA and the media conspired to make him.

Once you factor in Vick’s magnetic personality, easy smile, and willingness to praise his teammates you have the makings of the biggest man-crush target in NFL history. Even the most level headed of players are wide-eyed for the comeback kid. Vick’s presence on the Eagles and helpfulness in recruiting new players is why the Eagles are signing pro bowl talents at bargain basement prices. And probably one of the reasons that Asante Samuel would rather stay and sit sometimes than be traded away to play among the lessers.

You get the sense that when Vick reached out to players to come to the Eagles their first thought was “He Likes me…he really likes me!” Players couldn’t wait to sign the dotted line on one of the Eagles seemingly endless slew of economical contracts.

As rumors swirl that the Eagles have reached out to Randy Moss, I have no doubt that if the recently retired player says “yes” to their advances, Vick will be the primary reason.

Bromances are powerful things.


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