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Drew Rosenhaus Loses 14 Clients including Willis McGahee and London Fletcher

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Willis McGahee's very existence in the NFL is a testament to what Rosenhaus can accomplish.

So last week my eyebrows were raised when Liz Mullen at Sports Business Journal reported that Denver Broncos Willis McGahee and Baltimore Ravens Bryant Mckinnie had dropped Drew Rosenhaus as an agent. That same day, I believe, I also saw someone tweet that Washington Redskins London Fletcher had also terminated Rosenhaus as his agent. I thought the McGahee case was particular interesting because one of Rosenhaus hallmark accomplishments was his a theatrical and forgivably dishonest method of getting McGahee a contract after a bad knee injury.

Max Strauss at ProInterviews says he has confirmed that Rosenhaus has lost 14 clients recently. His full list:

  1. Antwan Barnes, LB for the San Diego Chargers hired Harold Lewis.
  2. Bernard Berrian, Free Agent WR, and is still unclear who his representation is at this time.
  3. Atari Bigby, DB for the Seattle Seahawks this past season and an upcoming free agent hired Harold Lewis.
  4. Phillip Buchanon, DB for the Washington Redskins and upcoming FA hired CAA.
  5. Abe Elam, DB for the Dallas Cowboys this past season and upcoming FA hired CAA.
  6. London Fletcher, LB for the Washington Redskins this past season and hired CAA.
  7. Jared Gaither, OT for the San Diego Chargers last season and hired Kevin Pompey LLC.
  8. Dashon Goldson, DB for the San Francisco 49ers who was recently franchised tagged hired CAA.
  9. Jason Hill, WR for the Denver Broncos and hired Authentic Athletix.
  10. Bryant McKinnie, OT for the Baltimore Ravens and hired Impact of Jason Fletcher.
  11. Willis McGahee, RB for the Denver Broncos and it is unclear a this time who his representation will be.
  12. Matt Roth, DE for the Jacksonville Jaguars last season and upcoming FA has hired Priority Sports.
  13. Alex Smith, TE for the Cleveland Browns this past season and upcoming FA hired Kevin Robinson.
  14. Chris Beanie Wells, RB for the Arizona Cardinals hired Octagon Sports.

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And lets not forget that Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy hired and fired Drew Rosenhaus twice a few months ago but is currently headed into contract negotiations with Rosenhaus Sports as his current representation. This is an interesting case as WR Desean Jackson, also represented by Rosenhaus, has been hit with the franchise tag which would somewhat eliminate the need for the Eagles to deal with Rosenhaus on two contracts in one year-assuming both keep Rosenhaus on as their agent. Thats a situation to watch depending on whether Jackson stays or goes.

Its not uncommon for there to be agent turnover right around a free agency which begins March 13; however such a high number at once is pretty striking even for a firm as big as Rosenhaus. When I wrote about the poorly executed 60 minutes profile of Rosenhaus a few months ago I heard from a couple agents that there would be some sort of client loss and push back at Rosenhaus sports in the coming months and that possibly lawsuits would be forthcoming.

I said nothing at the time because Im not a journalist and at the time had no intention of following up. Since then we’ve seen that Terrell Owens and Clinton Portis have both filed lawsuits against financial advisors recommended to them by Rosenhaus-specifically Pamela Linden. And now Rosenhaus sports is experiencing some client loss. I have no idea if any of this is related to the rumors I heard but I will be keeping my eyes and ears open.

Hat tip to @phillentz09 for giving me a heads up on Strauss post.

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