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Dear ESPN and Toure: What’s So Black About Michael Vick’s Playing Style?

Posted by J Dan in Mark Sanchez, Michael Vick, Opinion, Peyton Hillis

Toure capitalized on two lazy narratives for his piece: 1. That black people are just soooo much cooler than white folks that we must write about how FUCKING COOL they are and romanticize it all 2. That black QBs play the game entirely different and must be praised and criticized accordingly.

So what exactly is soooooo black about Michael Vick’s play in particular? Toure says he’s not talking about leaving the pocket (the normal black QB meme), so then what pray tell is it? And do these differences in style apply to other positions and races? Does Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis play like a white man or a black man? Does New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez quarterback like a Mexican? I need answers!



Top 10 list of Players and People Who Need a New CBA Signed IMMEDIATELY

Posted by J Dan in Antonio Cromartie, Bob Sanders, Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick, NFL Lockout, Nnamdi Asomugha, Peyton Hillis, Ray Lewis, Santonio Holmes

The potential for an NFL lockout affects players around the league differently. The list below includes more well known players, but there are definitely not the only ones who are worried or should worry about the agreement. In fact, they are but a representation of the many different ways in …




Peyton Hillis: Everybody Says He’s Pretty Fly…For a White Guy

Posted by J Dan in AFC North, Cleveland Browns, Humor, Peyton Hillis, Players

Every time someone makes mention of the fact that Cleveland Browns RB Peyton Hillis will soon be the first white running back to hit 1K yards in 25 years, I think of that corny yet awesome song by the rock group Offspring: Everybody says I’m pretty fly for a white …


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