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With New Contract Vikings Adrian Peterson Could Make $9227 per rushing yard

Posted by J Dan in Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings

I love when Darren Rovell and his folks over at Sportsbiz get the calculators out. Last time, I posted their interesting numbers on the Brett Favre texting scandal. But this time, they did it for Adrian Peterson, who, with his new deal is set to make “$9227 per rushing yard based on historical averages.” Pretty astounding numbers. Peterson beats out Chris Johnson by a smidge in terms of guaranteed money and salary per season.

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  • photo from Tumblr

    Dallas Cowboys Jesse Holley: This photo came across my timeline and had women getting the church fans out. Apparently Jesse won the reality show “4th and Long” which gave guys an opportunity to win a spot on the Cowboys.  4th and Long had every football player I knew riveted for some reason. As if they don’t have enough trials and tribulations without watching them on TV. 


  • Texans RB Arian Foster: Very handsome. I have been without a football crush for the entire season, and someone suggested I pick up Arian Foster as my new crush. I don’t know…he’s gorgeous but I’m just not sure! 


  • Asomugha and Revis: The two best cover corners in the NFL, Eagles Nnamdi Asomugha and Jets Darrelle Revis chat it up. 


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    Arian Foster is such a fool. This is him sitting in Derrick Ward’s locker playing video games. 


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    Michael Oher: Whenever I see Oher I think about how a friend referred to him as a “big fiiiiine horse.” And now when I see him I laugh. Big fine horse is a compliment by the way! Just ask Juvenile


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