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We Need More Sexy NFL Gear (like this) That Looks Good With Leggings and Thigh High Boots

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I wanted this shirt, but of course, they didn't have it in Falcons or Eagles. Just my luck. This would look sexy with leggings and thigh high boots.

I like to think of myself as a fashionista…well…not really. But I do know how to put together a banging outfit that looks good on me. But for some reason I am always tardy for the party when it comes to sports gear. I just ordered some stuff off of And they’re okay…except, it’s really just a mixture of what’s on different team fan shops.  think that’s why I ended up getting the wrong order-I got some Tennessee grad’s gear who lives in Texas. LF customer service was great though and shipped my stuff on Friday, it arrived on Monday.

Tonight I happened upon the site Junk Food Clothing and I like what they have. My favorite item wasn’t in the teams that I wanted, but I see a tank top that I want and another shirt I’m considering. The Minnesota Vikings and the Oakland Raiders’ gear on the site looks really good.

One day my dream will come true of designing NFL items for women who like to stop traffic (or at least command a look or two).

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