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America Meet Your Discumbobulated Team USA

America meet your jovial Team USA! Carmelo looks like he smells something. Blake Griffin doesn’t know where he is. Tyson Chandler and Kevin Love are OBVIOUSLY drunk. Kevin Durant does not want to stand beside Lebron just 3 weeks after losing to him in the finals. Russell Westbrook wasn’t ready for the photo. Deron is chillin a little too hard but hey that’s him. James Harden’s beard, with a little help from photoshop, has blossomed into a beautiful bird’s nest. Iggy is giving the cameras a side eye. Kobe doesn’t give a fuck about any of it.


Hilarious: What Drew Brees Is Doing While He Waits for a New Contract

Drew Brees is still waiting for a long term deal so what’s a millionaire athlete to do in the meantime? Apparently, that was the subject of a trending topic on twitter (one, I unfortunately missed). The people over at 2CentTV decided to bring the trending topic to life and help us understand how Brees might be handling his wait. In the video, Brees does everything from practice his Touch down dance to dabble in some rap music. It’s hilarious, check it out. [The highlight of the video to me was Brees’ teammates coming over to see if he could play and Brees wife says he can’t play cause he’s waiting on an important phone call. LOL!]



Rewind: Kevin Durant Explains Why He Wears 35

For those who don’t remember the story of why Oklahoma Thunder star Kevin Durant chose #35, here’s the explanation he gave to ESPN. 35 is the age his former coach was when he was tragically killed trying to break up a street fight. In the video, Durant describes what his coach meant to him and how he encouraged him over the years even when he didn’t believe himself.


Ed Reed’s Great U of Miami Hall of Fame Speech and a few other things on my favorite player

A few months ago Baltimore Ravens Safety and love-of-my-football-life Ed Reed was was inducted into the University of Miami Hall of Fame along with current teammate OL Bryant McKinnie. He joins fellow defensive phenom Ray Lewis and WR Reggie Wayne (his best friend¬†whose snake he apparently killed¬†by accident) in UM’s Hall of Fame.

Ed Reed is the last one on the left. Bryant McKinnie can't be missed in the middle.

I saw the photos from the ceremony via twitter while it was taking place but now video of Ed’s speech has been released. And, true to form, he never disappoints. He was professional, eloquent, and witty. No surprise there.

Ed thanked a bunch of people but also revealed a few details about him that I didn’t know. For one, he lived with his high school’s secretary for a year and a half because he wasn’t doing well academically and needed to improve. He thanked his parents for allowing him to do that and also continuing to be a strong and positive presence in his life. Secondly, apparently Ed is a little bit of a diva cause Chuck Pagano (former UM DC and Ravens DC now Colts HC) used to have his daughters help Ed with his laundry! Ed was a little sheepish when he talked about that.

You can watch the full video below.

On May 11, Ed threw out the first pitch at the Orioles game. He’s been busy because the same weekend he held a flag football tournament for charity which you can see him talk about here. He has a camp for kids coming up soon July 14th-July 16th. Sign up here.

For most of the off season there has been speculation about whether Ed will play this season or not. First he was saying that he was upset that the Ravens hadn’t offered him an extension. Then he said he wasn’t 100% committed to football. Then he said his goal is to play but there are other things going on that are important to him.

For the past three years we have done this dance with Ed and he’s always come back and performed. So I’d assume he’s going to come back and finish his contract out this year. But I do think his statements this off season indicate a lot more serious thought about football’s role in his life than before. Then again it could be all in the spirit of good old fashion negotiation.



Remember when Arizona Cardinal Darnell Dockett bought an alligator? There’s video.

This video doesn’t need my commentary. But one day, Darnell Dockett will be my best friend and my life will be way better for it.