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David Garrard will be sidelined for 2-4 weeks – have you joined #TeamMattMoore Yet?


David Garrard is the projected starting QB for the Dolphins this year but he had arthroscopic surgery that will put him out for 2-4 weeks.

Miami Dolphins QB and current projected starter David Garrard had arthroscopic knee surgery today and will miss 2-4 weeks. He’s 34 so let’s go with 4 weeks. And just to catch folks up, Garrard was unceremoniously released by the Jacksonville Jaguars and then sat out all of last season after having back surgery. 

Accounts from Dolphins camp say that Garrard looked sharp and strong which is why the last Hard Knocks episode ended with Coach Philbin informing Garrard, Matt Moore, and Ryan Tannehill that Garrard was the projected starter for now. To be honest, I haven’t seen Garrard play enough to comment on his strengths and weaknesses or even his style of play. I have no idea what *type* of player Garrard is and when I looked for old film on you tube I didn’t find anything (if you find something PLEASE post a link. Also, if you have thoughts on Garrard’s play, share that as well). 

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What I’ve been listening to lately – old and new stuff

Sometimes I just feel like sharing what I’ve been listening to as of late –old stuff and new stuff.

 Marques Houston — Naked *** I love this album and every time I go back and listen to it I like it more. I wonder who CornerBoyz are producing for now. My favorites are “All because of you” and “I wasn’t ready.” There’s also a funny song on there that isn’t meant to be funny. It’s called “Married” where Marques sings the typical man’s perspective when he doesn’t want to marry a girl. It’s a great song though.

Justin Bieber – Believe *** Yes, we all have Bieber Fever. I know right! I heard Justin Timberlake was working on a new album and I wonder if the Biebs having a similar quality sound has anything to do with it. Just a thought. Anyway, Believe is a good album that @Gordehh put me on to.

Chris Brown – Fortune ***My experience with Fortune is just like the experience I had when Justin Timberlake’s Justified came out. Every week I had a different favorite song. When Fortune first came out, “Turn up the music” was my favorite. Then I fell in love with “Don’t judge me” then it was “Stuck on Stupid” then it was “Biggest fan” now it’s “Sweet Love.” I wonder what my next fave will be.

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True Life: I Watched this interview and fell in love with Maino

I don’t know Maino’s music… all I know is he’s a rapper, he was in jail for 10 years, he dated one of Lil Kim’s previous faces and whatever else was on Wikipedia and some random hip hop blog I found. But this interview made me like him a lot. Who got his phone number?

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For some reason ugly people still think they have better personalities than everyone else

Since I’ve become a heavy user of the internet (over the past 3 years) I’ve seen one discussion pop up time and time again. It’s the whole conversation where people who had an ugly phase or are still having one talk about how their face’s lack of symmetry has contributed to them being a better person. I have never in my life heard that theory before the net. 

Jessica Valenti wrote an article called “The Upside of Ugly” for The Nation in which she talks about the value of being one of the less attractive people in your peer group. She starts off by talking about a Georgia teen named Nadia Ilse who had her ears pinned back (something that a few girls did at my school when I was in jr high). The charity apparently pays for girls with “deformities” to get corrective surgery. 

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A few words on the amazing Gabby Douglas, the Fierce Five and a tone deaf media

Gabby’s features and abilities remind me of my childhood idol ice skater Surya Bonaly! So adorable.

The Fierce Five Team USA womens gymnastic team has spent the bulk of the week dazzling the entire world. The biggest surprise for this team was the emergence of Gabby Douglas who scored 1/3 of the team’s points in team competition and competed in all 4 events to quality for individuals where she went on to win the gold. Gabby has racked up such a number of accolades and through she and her mom’s story is doubtlessly inspiring lots of young girls to pursue their dreams (as corny as that may sound!)

That’s why it’s been disheartening to see people wallowing in the negative for ratings and clicks. In 1992, Kim Zmeskal was considered to be the star of the group. Unfortunately, Kim had a really bad showing. But on the bright side, Shannon Miller became a bonafide star. It took the media a little bit of time (including the Olympics announcers/directors) to shift the focus adequately to Miller and her battle with Tatiana Gutsu. 


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