The Redskins Suspend Albert Haynesworth Without Pay, I Call EPIC Bullshit

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The Redskins are a shambles of a team if I’ve ever seen one. This makes me feel bad about all my years of crying about Falcons’ losing seasons and the Eagles coming so close yet not close enough year after year…all along I should have just been glad that I’m not a Redskins fan.

Today, the Redskins announced that they were suspending Albert Haynesworth without pay for conduct detrimental to the team. This is total bullshit, but I must say it’s well played especially as it will go over with the casual fan. The Redskins have perfectly played played up the narrative that coaches/owners who misbehave are justified and players who do are petulant.

Timeline: Shanahan and Haynesworth fall out during offseason and again during pre-season (over illness and playing time-deja vu anyone?) thereby establishing that Haynesworth as a “troublemaker.” Shanahan then goes on to avoid working Haynesworth into base defense making it seem as though Haynesworth is some how incapable and better used that way. This probably in an effort to see how things go without him.  Shanahan, himself said, that Haynesworth had to earn his way into the group.

Haynesworth…who was dominant for the entire 2007/2008 season has to earn his way onto a defense that features the smooth stylings of Reed Doughty and Carlos Rogers?

So basically it looks like Haynesworth was a non-factor and therefore overpaid and spoiled (cause you know, he snuck into Dan Snyder’s house, stole his wallet, and wrote the checks to HIMSELF). The blown tackle against the Eagles who blew the Redskins into the wind didn’t help the imagery either.

Finally, last week, the  Skins complained that Haynesworth wouldn’t practice or didn’t practice well-at this point I’m confused about what actually happened- while simultaneously admitting that he was ill the day before.  They then deactivate him, and refuse to answer any questions about the deactivation until today’s announcement that he is suspended without pay.

Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret.

What this looks like to me, is that the Redskins had buyer’s remorse over Haynesworth and then set about a path to make it seems as though he is completely impossible to deal with on any level. The Redskins have actively tried to trade Haynesworth since at least April after he complained about the 3-4. They should have cut him then rather than heading down this rollercoaster road.

Let’s be clear, Haynesworth’s outspokenness and general fuck-you-and-fuck-you-too demeanor doesn’t help. But given the fact that I have the same demeanor, I know that demeanor does not equal guilt regardless of how it looks to an outsider.

Even if you believe Haynesworth has engaged in a series of decisions that warrant discipline, one has to admit that the Redskins have branded other players has troublemakers when they wanted to shop them, Clinton Portis, arguably their best blocker, being one of them. Further, the way they handled the McNabb benching (and subsequent 78 million contract worth nothing if they cut him this season) is yet another example of how this team operates. Call a man with a history of production fat and lazy, give him an opportunity to earn more money than God but then stick him behind an offensive line that couldn’t protect itself during sex wearing a condom and voila: The perfect scape goat.

The NFLPA shouldn’t allow the Skins to dodge paying Haynesworth through the rest of the season. It’s simply not ethical. And with all the drama going on around the Skins, whose conduct  REALLY detrimental to the team? Hint: It ain’t Hanynesworth’s.

If I had a crystal ball, I’d say Haynesworth ends up with another team next year (barring lockout) and does really well. Something tells me we have a Code Brandon Lloyd on our hands.

Listen to Haynesworth discuss the situation pre-suspension here.

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  • Anonymous

    It’s pretty clear what the Redskins are up to. Instead of just cutting him and taking the hit they are trying to weasel out of paying him by suspending him w/o pay. They know there’s no way the NFLPA is going to let that stand and I can’t see Roger Goddell actually allowing this to go forward. They are probably hoping for some compromise.

    At this point I don’t trust Shanahan who little over a month ago claimed that his starting QB didn’t give them the best chance to win running the Two Minute Offense and a few weeks later that same QB is granted a contract extension.

    Listen Skins, if you have buyers remorse (which you do), cut the man and be done. And the public wonders why athletes sometimes act the way they do. When it comes to business the teams in the NFL are as ruthless as any corporate raider.

    I’m out.

  • Alba

    I agree to an extent. Albert is at fault as well. He has a history of being fat and lazy. He doesn’t have years of being productive. He had a good year in Tennessee which was also his contract year. It was rumored then that he was playing for the money and you didn’t know what you would get from him. Last year he was just “ok” on a top 5 defense. This year, he disagreed with the change in the scheme and was the ONLY player who did not participate in any of the offseason workouts including the mandatory mini camps.

    Also, the illness that kept him out of practice, a hangover. Albert was seen around bars in DC quite often in the evenings ordering his signature drink “skinny bitch on the rag.”

    I can’t feel too sympathetic toward a guy that made it clear that its about him. There are a LOT of players on that team that don’t agree with the defensive changes (Andre Carter went from a defensive superhero to a bench player in one season) but they are there and they are trying. Haynesworth never learned that the team is bigger than he is. He’s in it for himself.

  • Desterg

    I work in human resources. I hear all day ‘the company ain’t doing this and I don’t want to do that. I ain’t coming to work.’

    Do your work or get the hell out. If you’re not happy leave. You have options. Be above or play into it. Haynesworth played in to it.

    I fault all involved.

  • Mr. Fantastic

    Ay, Haynesworth ain’t make it hard on em. If you know somebody out to fire you, you gotta give em a reason. McNabb could have just as easily tantrum’d out and been set out to sea with Fat Albert here, but instead, he went out there and got his dough.

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