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DC Club life strikes again: Redskins Fred Davis acts as his own lawyer in bizarre assault case

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Fred Davis spotted in a DC athletes' natural habitat - the club.

So Charles Robinson over at Yahoo always brings the juice even if he didn’t actually write the piece. Yesterday he tweeted this article about Fred Davis being accused of assault and harassment and acting has his own defense attorney. According to the article, Fred Davis’ girlfriend[photo on page 2 of the link] (who I have no idea if he’s still with) was his original attorney in the case but she quit in May 2011. He began representing himself in the proceedings in April 2011.

A lot of people are confused when those of us who live in DC make jokes about the affect this city’s vibrant club scene has on players who come to town. Right now, we’re also placing bets on when the Redskins new QB RGIII will host a party at Cafe Asia or when Wizards pick Brandon Beal will celebrate his birthday at Stadium. The drama that happens in clubs and restaurants around here with rappers and athletes is the stuff of legend. Remember Albert Haynesworth? Brandon Banks? Hell DC athletes have made a strip club famous.

So when I read how Davis’ drama started I wasn’t surprised:

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The controversy began on January 6, 2011, when Davis’s friends threw a surprise birthday party for him at Josephine Nightclub and Lounge in DC, according to court documents and courtoom testimony.

Arriving at Josephine around 12:40 AM, Davis and his friends made their way to a table. Former Redskins runningback Clinton Portis was among those in the club. As Davis’s table grew crowded, a promoter suggested that Davis and his friends move to a different section on the other side of the club, where Chaka was located.

By then, Davis and Chaka’s relationship had turned frosty. The two had become acquainted in 2008, the same year the Redskins used their second-round draft pick to acquire the University of Southern California star. “I know Ms. Chaka through other teammates of mine, other NFL acquaintances,” Davis testified. He said he saw her “out in the clubs, you know, just around other players that I know.”

The two never dated; they were more acquaintances than friends, Davis said.

Davis testified that he began to distance himself from Chaka after she got into violent altercations with other women. Prince claimed in court documents that Chaka once fought a female stripper at Stadium Club in DC. More recently, Prince said, Chaka threw bottles at a woman at Mirage Night Club in Baltimore.

But Prince traced the animosity to an earlier birthday celebration for Davis in California. “From what I understand, [Chaka] is upset with Mr. Davis because she went out of her way to befriend him and went to Los Angeles to party with him years ago even though he never told her to come,” Prince said in court documents. “When she arrived in Los Angeles, she called him to pick her up and when he refused, she became infuriated with him. Since that time, she has had a personal vendetta against him.”

The woman filed a civil complaint after she says Davis busted her lip and poured juice on her head. According to her, Davis’ body guard tried to cut a side deal with her to keep the whole thing hush hush but she was having none of that.

No matter how long I cover sports or how many athletes I meet or befriend I will never understand some of the strange relationships with people these guys develop that leave them vulnerable to stuff like this. If Davis attacked the woman, thats’ wrong. But flying out to party with someone who didn’t invite you and expecting them to pick you up is intrusive and really doesn’t make sense unless she’s crazy or they’re sleeping together.

The article does mention that the woman had been in previous violent situations with other women and that Davis’ bodyguard cited that as a concern for Davis and a reason that he distanced himself.

Now if you read the entire article you can feel just as uncomfortable as I was when you get to the end where Davis examines the witness and tries to prove she had her hand on a man’s genitals in a photo.

Don’t shoot the messenger.

PS: Dear Lord, I don’t come to you often. But since your eye is on the sparrow please also keep it on John Wall and Robert Griffin III too. Amen.


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