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Media’s Frustration With NFL Owners Comes to A Head-Took Too Damn Long

Posted by J Dan in Analysts, NFL Lockout

The media’s coverage of the lockout has taken a while to catch up with reality. I can name any number of reasons for this, but the biggest one is that the threat of no football has given media outlets a lot of time to think about CBA minutia and to …




Jason Whitlock Tackles “Baby Mama” Culture…But Why Won’t Sports Journalists Discuss Their Own Issues?

Posted by J Dan in Analysts

Let me first admit that I haven’t watched Whitlock’s special (I pride myself on not watching anything that involves the phrase “baby mama culture” so far I’m batting 1000), but when I read Whitlock’s column announcing “Connected,” a discussion between he and  former Cowboy Michael Irvin and sociologist Dr. Harry …




Do Football Color Commentators Suck? Or Are We Just Mean?

Posted by J Dan in Analysts, Bob Costas, Chad Ochocinco Johnson, Cris Collingsworth, LaVar Arrington, Michael Wilbon, Players

If there’s anything football fans can agree on, it’s that color commentary in the game is lacking enormously. Whether biased commentators are blatantly kissing the asses of their former colleagues or favorite teams or whether announcers are saying one thing while replay CLEARLY shows something different. I think we all …




Bob Costas Makes the Legal Case for the NFL Illegal Hit Rule

Posted by J Dan in Analysts, Bob Costas, Illegal Hits, NFL Rules

Last night Bob Costas made the legal case for the NFL’s rule, and he did it without kissing the NFL’s ass. Costas essentially said that the NFL’s enforcement of the NFL rule is to protect them from the inevitable future lawsuits that will be filed against it as our knowledge …


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  • photo from Tumblr

    Dallas Cowboys Jesse Holley: This photo came across my timeline and had women getting the church fans out. Apparently Jesse won the reality show “4th and Long” which gave guys an opportunity to win a spot on the Cowboys.  4th and Long had every football player I knew riveted for some reason. As if they don’t have enough trials and tribulations without watching them on TV. 


  • Texans RB Arian Foster: Very handsome. I have been without a football crush for the entire season, and someone suggested I pick up Arian Foster as my new crush. I don’t know…he’s gorgeous but I’m just not sure! 


  • Asomugha and Revis: The two best cover corners in the NFL, Eagles Nnamdi Asomugha and Jets Darrelle Revis chat it up. 


  • photo from Tumblr

    Arian Foster is such a fool. This is him sitting in Derrick Ward’s locker playing video games. 


  • photo from Tumblr

    Michael Oher: Whenever I see Oher I think about how a friend referred to him as a “big fiiiiine horse.” And now when I see him I laugh. Big fine horse is a compliment by the way! Just ask Juvenile


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