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Watch the video of Chad Johnson’s bond hearing for domestic violence arrest

As you probably already know, Chad Johnson of the Miami Dolphins was arrested on domestic violence charges yesterday. Luckily for him he was able to get in front of a judge early this morning (in some states he would have been in jail until Monday, oh the horror!). Bond was set at $2500 in a very quick hearing as you can see in the video below.

I’m interested to see how this plays out. My opinion, from Day 1, has been that their relationship isn’t real and since no one can find their paperwork for their marriage in the United States that they’re not married either. The theories of why this happened are flying. Some say it was a stunt for the couple’s reality show that went wrong. The 911 call made by the neighbor should be available soon and perhaps that will shed some insight.

[To read the rest of this post, see the bond video and the police report, click Read More]

My impression with Chad’s position on the Dolphins is that the owner wanted him but that Coach Joe Philbin wasn’t impressed and became even less so when Chad talked about doing porn and whatever other crazy stuff he was saying (per usual). Until now, Chad has had a clean record since he’s been in the NFL (there was a domestic violence arrest in college with, again, someone else calling the police). Stunt or none once the police get involved it’s out of your hands. Just like the Judge ordering him to stay away from Evelyn until the case is resolved. Nothing either of them can do about that. 

If Chad can’t drum up attention and ratings for hard knocks cause he has to behave I can see him getting cut very soon. It’s not like he’s been wowing people at camp though ESPN’s AFC East blog lists him as the best receiver thus far which is like being the best doughnut in a stale batch. 


(h/t Palm Beach Post)

Updated: TMZ has posted the police report which states that the couple argued in their “black smart car.” They both claim the other one head butted them…Lozada ran to the neighbor’s house, waited until they got home and had them call the police (I guess she left her cell phone in the car in her rush to get out??). It also says Lozada confirmed that she wanted to press charges.

Update: Jay Glazer reports that the Miami Dolphins have released Chad.

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