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My Top 5 Favorite Football Blogs and a Thank You to Readers

First I have to say that I appreciate everyone and anyone who reads this blog. I especially appreciate those of you who comment on posts. I’m still a little worried about the switch to Disqus because so many of you complain that you can’t comment from mobile which I know is frustrating. I’ve noticed the comments have dropped down some. Not sure if I’m boring, if people have football/lockout fatigue, or if Disqus is a deterrent.


Please let me know your thoughts on whether I should make the move back to the regular wordpress comment thread. I’m open to opinions.

I have a post coming up regarding some changes to this site (nothing major) and a call for opinions but this post ain’t about all that! It’s about my favorite football blogs to read. Let’s get into it.

Before I sail into the list, you should know that I am a football nerd. I love to read about football, including books on strategy, books about basics, articles, blog posts, whatever. With so much of sports headed toward gossip (who’s marrying who, who’s penis was out in a photo etc.) you sometimes question whether really sitting down and thinking about a post is necessary or appreciated.

Maybe it is, maybe it ain’t. But my favorite blogs perform this task without succumbing to the temptation to be salacious. When I read their work I learn A LOT.

1. Smart Football. Ever since I discovered this blog last season, I’ve said this is the blog I WISH I had the skill and knowledge to write. Chris, the author/owner, really delves into the Xs and Os of football and likes to look further into popular narratives. I was particularly happy when he recently, for example, looked into whether or not Cam Newton’s offense was one-read.

2. Cold Hard Football Facts. This blog is really my go-to for random story ideas and information. I think CHFG does a GREAT job of getting off the beaten path and encouraging readers to think about aspects of conversations they hadn’t thought of yet. I rarely find topics that have been heavily written about on this site.

3. NFL Grid Iron Gab. The guys over at Grid Iron Gab are great at covering hot topics of the moment and VERY BRIEFLY. I skip over to their site when I need to quickly get caught up on what happened during the week. I also find hidden gem stories on the site as well as a rundown of what’s popular.

4. Football Outsiders is a perfect name for this blog. They cover both college football and professional football, and I often find stories on the site that I hadn’t seen before. But more than that they are stat and analysis heavy. If you are a football nerd, you can actually get lost on their site for hours. If you follow a data trail you can actually start to get really into something that might otherwise be extra boring. I don’t read this blog every day, but I highly recommend it.

5. National Football Post’s motto is “All Angles All Access.” I think that’s accurate. If you’re looking for a newsier type blog and an almost-one stop shop to get caught up on all teams and everything else, this site is hard to beat. Of course, you’re not allowed to just make one stop, you have to stop here too.


I have to give a shout out to Michael Felder over at In the Bleachers. He runs a college football blog. I only watch college football occasionally, but I like his work and if the lockout continues I might become one of his most dedicated readers. Plus he always answers my questions!



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