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Von Miller And Broncos D Stifles Jets — Tebow Talk Still Vomit-Inducing

Broncos Rookie Linebacker Von Miller maybe running away with that defensive rookie of the year award.

Coverage of Tim Tebow has made me lose so much respect for football analysts and reporters. They have manufactured a train of thought about Tebow and they are determined to brainwash the rest of us too. Before I get to the part where I praise rookie Linebacker Von Miller and the Bronco’s D for a win that really truly belonged to them let’s clear up some of the popular Tebow talking points:

  • Tebow is a winner.4 wins in the NFL does not constitute ‘a winner’ unless the bar for the QB is so low you can limbo under it. Now maybe the New York Jets record and play isn’t as solid as it has been in the last couple years but let’s not forget that Mark Sanchez took his team to the AFC chip two years in a row. Is he a winner too? NFL network analysts didn’t think so last night as they spent 15 minutes cooing over Tebow and then immediately after talked about Sanchez like he’s never accomplished a damn thing in his life.
  • Tebow is a great guy. Maybe he is, maybe he’s not. Sure seems nice, but so do a lot of players. That should NOT prevent anyone from criticizing them.
  • Tebow has “It.” I suppose this is subjective, but given the fact that Tebow has the presence and personality of potted meat and the charisma of a loaf of bread I feel comfortable saying his “it” factor is figment of a certain group of people’s imagination. It’s a made up concept to defend his awful play–which by the way doesn’t even need defending. See next point…
  • Tebow has haters. No, like Rex Grossman, Tebow has people who have seen him play the game of football and are unimpressed. But unlike Grossman, when it comes to Tebow people can’t seem to understand that his inability to play pro-style football doesn’t need to be defended. If you like Tebow, that’s fine. if you think he’s good enough that’s fine. But making up things to defend him is…stupid and annoying.
  • Tebow’s religion makes people hate him. When Deion Sanders asked Tebow why people have such disdain for him and mentioned his faith I almost gagged. Actually, I did gag. That was the point after the game where I OFFICIALLY got nauseous. As Gordy on twitter pointed out, Ray Lewis gives a sermon after every game and no one hates him for it. There’s hundreds of football players who love God and mention their love of God every chance they get. Yes, people make religious jokes about Tebow but they do for the same reason they make dogfighting jokes about Vick–cause they’re corn balls.
  • Tebow performs miracles and magic. If Las Vegas hired Tebow to perform magic he’d be fired the first night. Magic is when you INTENTIONALLY put yourself in a tough spot so that you can escape it later. David Blaine does magic. Tim Tebow takes desperate measures during desperate times. And right now it’s working for him.

To be clear, I have no issue with Tebow. My issue is with all the announcers and analysts that go out of their way to criticize QBs like Michael Vick and Vince Young but rush to praise Tebow. The same announcers that can find fault with everything Jay Cutler, Eli Manning, Tony Romo and Mark Sanchez do cannot bear to hear Tebow critiqued. And doesn’t anyone think for a moment that if Jamarcus Russell was allowed to run a high school style offense that maybe he could still be in the NFL sloppily winning a few games for the Oakland Raiders? Perspective has been lost. And there’s not much more I can say.

Now enough about Tebow, let’s talk about the real magician last night–rookie Linebacker Von Miller. Not only does Miller look mature in the face (I’m sorry, but I have to say that he looks like he has 5 kids and is head of the Deacon board) his play on the field is just as sophisticated. The Jets offensive line barely allowed Sanchez to take even three steps back all night and Miller and the Broncos defense was right there to exploit their spotty protection.

The Broncos D was able to use Miller to blitz and he consistently hurried, hit (4) or sacked (1.5) Sanchez. Even when he didn’t get to the QB the pressure was there. And he wasn’t hurrying the QB he was deflecting passes. Miller is becoming a complete player in front of our eyes in his rookie year. I can’t wait to see more from this guy. And if the Broncos are going to win with a Pop Warner offense, they’re going to need more performances like this from Miller.

Ultimately the Broncos defense held the Jets offense to just 13 points. I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that if not for a ill fated throw by Sanchez that resulted in the Bronco’s D intercepting and scoring a touchdown the Jets probably would have overcome. In fact, if not for big misses by their kicker and punter the Jets may have over come. But alas, mistakes on offense and special teams sealed their coffin with rusty nails. And kudos to the Bronco’s D for taking advantage of every failing.

Still, if they hadn’t been playing an off-balance, short weeked Jets team the Broncos might have really gotten their asses whooped good defense or none. The Chargers, Bears, and Patriots will present a real challenge to the Broncos on both sides of the ball. I’m pretty sure Julius Peppers is licking his chops at the chance to get at Tebow.

Sidebar: Former Eagle, now Bronco, S Brian Dawkins was recognized for his endurance. I figured this was worth mentioning given what a great asset he was to the Eagles until they unceremoniously dumped his ass like they do all veteran leaders. 16 years in the game and he ain’t what he used to be but he’s better than what the Eagles have now. Congrats Dawk.






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