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Jeremy Lin jerseys selling out in China plus rookie card sells for $335 on Ebay

In a matter of 10 days, Jeremy Lin's dynamic play has taken over pretty much every sports storyline and site.

If there was any one wondering whether the relationship between Taiwan and China would stop Chinese fans from embracing Jeremy Lin, the wait is over. The answer is no.

The  NY Times reported this:

The clearest sign that Jeremy Lin’s appeal has spanned the Pacific to mainland China may lie not in the 1.4 million Chinese microblog messages mentioning him in recent days, but in a rare failure to meet demand here in the heart of one of the world’s largest centers of pirated garment manufacturing.

“His jerseys have sold out, even including the counterfeit ones,” said Zheng Xiaojun, a 24-year-old clerk here in the capital of Zhejiang province, near Shanghai.

Lin is commonly described in the United States as Taiwanese-American because his parents grew up in Taiwan before moving to the United States, where Lin was born. But mainland China is already starting to claim him as its own, part of an incessant rivalry across the Taiwan Strait.

Zheng mentions counterfeit jerseys and I would imagine those would be the vast majority of jerseys sold.  Lin hasn’t been back with the Knicks that long to have mounds of authentic jerseys available, and Asia is a hub for counterfeit goods.

This is just a sneak peek for how things could go if Lin keeps performing well and hitting those buzzer beaters like he did last night against the Toronto Raptors.

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I also noted that Lin’s Panini card sold for $335 on Ebay the other night.

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Besides the cost of buying his rookie card, a few other numbers on Lin that stuck out to me:

4 = Number of starts it took him to amass 109 points

27 = the percentage by which the cost of NY Knicks tickets have  risen since Lin started balling out.

3000 = percentage that sales and traffic are up to the NY Knicks online store.

1 = number of journalists that have issued apologies for making tasteless jokes about Lin’s ethnicity.

1.5 = the base number (IN MILLIONS) of online viewers that have watched videos related to Lin. I’m sure that number may have doubled or tripled since you tube’s last count.


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