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Bart Scott’s Mom: If He Wasn’t My Son I Would Have Been Scared Too! And Other Post-game Gems

By now everyone has seen Bart Scott’s post game interview in which he gives some classic quotes (CAN’T WAIT!) and nearly scares the bejeezes out of Sal Paolantonio.

Well Scott’s mom reacted to his interview and said she hadn’t seen him that riled up since the 242lb line backer was in high school.

After Scott said the Jets represented themselves poorly in their 45-3 loss to New England in December, he continued: “We were ready to come back and show what kind of defense, what kind of team this was, what kind of character we have. We take a lot of slack. People gave us no chance. Like we barely made it in the playoffs. We’re a good football team.”

Adams said that Paolantonio looked uncomfortable at that point. She sympathized. “If that wasn’t my son, I would I have been scared of him, too,” she said.

Scott, who talks as much, if not more, trash as any N.F.L. player, declined to further comment Monday. His mother said one of his high school football coaches called her and said he had never seen Scott that mad. (Adams had; when Scott was in high school, but not since.) The calls started pouring in after that.

She said she told her friends, “That is the Madbacker right there!” The Madbacker is Scott’s nickname, a fitting one on Sunday.

“He’s a little sensitive to certain things,” Adams said.

Funny, he doesn’t seem sensitive at all!

After watching Scott’s interview for the 50 billionth time, I decided to recap some of my favorite post game moments from this season.

Who can forget when Randy Moss decided that going forward he would only be asking questions posed by…HIMSELF.

Little did we know that that would be one of the last times he’d be interviewed after a game this season.

Then there was the press conference that Eli Manning attended alone…

And finally, I can’t forget when Terrell Owens finally admitted, the Bengals are “just…just terrible.”

Any other favorite post game moments from this year?


NFL Calls All 8 Remaining Playoff Teams To Tell the Jets to Shut the Hell Up

According to Sports Illustrated Peter King and a few others, the NFL called all 8 remaining teams and put them on notice about trash talk. This feels a little like when your teacher would say if Mike doesn’t get quiet none of you are getting ice cream. Then you’re left to wonder why the fuck should Mike’s loud mouth stand between me and two delicious scoops of pecan praline?

We all know that the Jets are the primary trashtalkers, so this move by the NFL was obviously a roundabout way of shutting them down.

The Jets are a bunch of *insert racially insensitive term that conveys shucking and jiving.* Starting with the Coach they’re just very annoying on a whole. Most of us noticed how annoying they were LONG before this week. But perhaps this week with comments from Bart Scott, Antonio Cromartie, on top of Rex Ryan’s usual diarrhea of the mouth it was all just too much.

I’m sure the NFL is sensitive to the fact that the playoffs draw in more casual fans of the game which makes them pay more attention to news coverage. I get that they don’t want people to think that this is all the game is.


Football isn’t a pretty sport. I would expect men who violently run into each other and get sewn up on the sidelines like soldiers on a warfield to talk a little trash when feeling confident. I mean we can’t all have split personalities like the soft-spoken and downright chirpy  hitman Troy Polamalu.

Besides it’s not the Jets fault that the media is feeding into their plan to have them focus on the trash talk rather than endless non flattering comparisons of Sanchez to Brady or harping on the 45-3 shut out.


Bleacher Report Lists 25 Dirtiest Players–Steelers Dirtiest Team and One Glaring Omission

I was surprised that this article wasn’t passed around more. I live for lists, so I couldn’t wait to crack open Bleacher Report’s 25 dirtiest player list. Apparently Sports Illustrated has such a list as well, but its based solely on voting? Correct me if I’m wrong.

The bulk of the list was no surprise, but there were a few that made me raise my eyebrow and one glaring omission that bothered me.

The first thing you’ll notice about the list is that there are multiple Pittsburgh Steelers on it. No wonder no one wants to play these guys. Polamalu, Harrison, Ryan Clark (??????), and Hines Ward made the list.

Brian Dawkins being on the list (admittedly low on it) was a tad surprising. I think he, like Roy Williams, have calmed down a lot. I think the last time Williams was called for a horse collar tackle or even grabbing someone by the hair was 2008. Maybe 2 years isn’t long enough to get a clean slate.

Also is Shawne Merriman, who also made the list, still considered dirty? He’s barely on the field enough to cause any trouble. There needs to be a statute of limitations on how long you can ride players about certain behaviors.

Darnell Dockett is also on the list along with Joey Porter and I don’t know if I agree. What do yall think? I think Dockett and Porter made the list because they’re annoying. I’d love to interview them both for this blog, but I can’t deny they can work a nerve. But annoying doesn’t mean dirty, if it did, every man in the NFL would be on here. hahahaa ha ha…anyhoo….Let’s not confuse “dirty” with “problem child.”